It is difficult to put into words the joy, the feeling of accomplishment, the excitement of completing this project which took more than 7 years of work.

We finally have the software that we have been dreaming of for more than 25 years, an astrological software that puts its memory and computing power at your service to help you interpret. Yes! You read correctly: a software that can help you think thanks to its expert system that treats astrological information in a completely new way. A true partner who teams up with you.

In its expert version, our software goes as far as we can go with artificial intelligence without usurping the place of intuition. As Axel Harvey said: “Mastro is a software that allows you to remain creative.”

Put the intelligence of Mastro Expert at the service of your intuition and analysis. Team up with Mastro to interpret and predict. Its user-friendliness and its power will exceed your expectations.

Here are two examples of completely new features in Mastro version 6, which we officially release today:

  1. Determine when a transiting planet makes an exact aspect with a natal planet or with a transiting planet (available in the Pro and Expert editions of Mastro).
    Drag the transiting planet (Sun, Moon, any planet or the Lunar Node) over the desired natal planet or transiting planet; for example, drag the transiting Moon over the natal Moon to get the lunar return. When the target planet becomes highlighted, you instantly get the transit chart for the exact time (generally within a second of arc) of the event.

  1. Forecast Curves (only available in Mastro Expert)
    It is a navigational tool (a browser) that allows one to locate at a glance the most significant moments in a time interval chosen by the user and in various themes expressed by keywords. To create the curves, the numerical scores of about sixty different primary traits are calculated for several consecutive transit charts and represented as a graph in time. Each point on a curve summarizes the complete analysis of a transit chart in a specific theme expressed by a keyword. The detection of the significant moments is done by observing the main (highest) peaks of a curve. You can alway get the astrological signature of any keyword for any moment. It is also always possible to return to the transit chart for a specific moment by choosing the "See transit chart for this date" option.

Download Mastro Standard for free, compare the different editions, or purchase Mastro Pro or Mastro Expert today to discover these new features.

Thank you for your interest and stay in touch with us through this blog to be aware of all future updates.