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Lifetime Updates and Technical Support EXPERT

Bi-Wheel Charts

With ability to exchange data between wheels

Tri-Wheel Charts EXPERT

2 Coordinate Systems

Tropical & Sidereal

Geocentric & Heliocentric Systems

3 Reference Planes

Ecliptic, Equatorial, Horizontal

3 Chart Styles

European, American, Vedic

20 House Systems

Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus, Morinus, etc.

Subdivisions & Rulerships

  • Lunar Mansions, Decanates, Triplicities, Terms
  • Double Zodiac (Tropical & Sidereal)

Customizable Orbs

By angle or by planet

Powerful & Precise Calculations

  • Precision improved to 0.001 arcsecond
  • For dates ranging from approximately 5000 BC to 5000 AD

“Full” and “Simplified” Interfaces

“Simplified with Interpretations” Interface EXPERT

Natal Charts


  • Direct
  • Converse

Progressions (Direct & Converse)

  • Secondary
  • Tertiary (Types I and II)


  • Solar Arc (Direct & Converse)
  • Symbolic

Primary Directions

Ptolemy, Placidus, Regiomontanus



  • Solar, Lunar, Planetary
  • Solar in one click



Planetary Ingresses

Harmonic Charts

Planetary Periods & Strengths

Dasha, Firdar, Ashtakavarga, Almutens

Lunar Node & Dark Moon (Lilith)

True or Mean position


Planets on midpoints and transiting midpoints on natal planets

Lot of Fortune & Lot of Spirit

Main Asteroids

Fixed Stars

Calendar with Date/Time Bookmarks

Aspects Scan

  • Transits, Progressions, Directions
  • Including ingresses and conjunctions at the cusps of the houses

Transiting Midpoints Scan EXPERT

Dynamic Aspectarium

  • Natal and Event
  • Resonances
  • Parallels and Contraparallels
  • Natal Interpretations
  • Event Interpretations EXPERT

Approximate Position Search with Planet Drag & Drop

Precise Position Search with Planet Drag & Drop EXPERT

In aspect with a natal planet or in transit

Date of Transit for Planet under the Cursor EXPERT

Chart Animation

Natal, Transits, Progressions

Export Chart Animation to CSV EXPERT

With interpretations and signatures

Tables & Diagrams

  • Planetary Angles
  • Midpoints
  • Midpoint Trees
  • Times of Conjunctions (Planets/Angles)
  • Positions of the Planets in the Reference Planes
  • Almutens
  • Triplicities, Quadruplicities and Polarities
  • Speeds and Distances of Planets
  • Fixed Stars
  • Parallels and Contraparallels
  • Planetary Nodes
  • Fictional Planets of Uranian Astrology (Hamburg School)
  • Dignities

Transits Graphs

In declination and longitude


  • Orbs & Aspects
  • Planets
  • Houses
  • Angles
  • Curves EXPERT

Printable Reports

Printable Ephemeris

Copy Charts & Aspects Grid to Clipboard

Date Conversion

Julian <=> Gregorian

History of Last Open Charts

Save Event Charts EXPERT

Advanced Chart Management EXPERT

With categories, filters, and sort options

Database with 1300+ Public Figures EXPERT

90° Dial (Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology) EXPERT

Lunations EXPERT

Search for Lunar Phases EXPERT

Search for Direct Motion or Retrograde EXPERT

Relocation EXPERT

  • Variation in latitude and longitude
  • Interaction with Google Maps

Interpretation Tooltips

Basic keywords for planets, signs, and houses

Keywords for Natal Interpretation

Planets in sign and in aspect

Keywords for Natal Interpretation Using Midpoints EXPERT

Planetary Dominance (Godbout-Coron Method) NEW

Keywords for Event Interpretation EXPERT

  • Planets in aspect
  • Midpoints

Synthesis of Interpretation Keywords (Natal, Event and Synastry) EXPERT

  • Quick analysis (1-level tree)
  • Full analysis (2-level tree sorted by probabilistic score and by analogy)

Forecast Curves EXPERT

  • Forecast of various types of events over a given period of time with graphs that make it easy to spot significant dates at a glance
  • Maximums table
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