mastroStandard mastroExpert

Lifetime Updates and Technical Support EXPERT

Bi-Wheel Charts

With ability to exchange data between wheels

Tri-Wheel Charts EXPERT

2 Coordinate Systems

Tropical & Sidereal

Geocentric & Heliocentric Systems

3 Reference Planes

Ecliptic, Equatorial, Horizontal

3 Chart Styles

European, American, Vedic

20 House Systems

Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus, Morinus, etc.

Subdivisions & Rulerships

  • Lunar Mansions, Decanates, Triplicities, Terms
  • Double Zodiac (Tropical & Sidereal) NEW

Customizable Orbs

By angle or by planet

Powerful & Precise Calculations IMPROVED

  • Precision improved to 0.001 arcsecond
  • For dates ranging from approximately 5000 BC to 5000 AD

“Full” and “Simplified” Interfaces

“Simplified with Interpretations” Interface EXPERT

Natal Charts


  • Direct
  • Converse NEW

Progressions (Direct & Converse)

  • Secondary
  • Tertiary (Types I and II) NEW


  • Solar Arc (Direct & Converse)
  • Symbolic

Primary Directions

Ptolemy, Placidus, Regiomontanus



  • Solar, Lunar, Planetary
  • Solar in one click NEW



Planetary Ingresses

Harmonic Charts

Planetary Periods & Strengths

Dasha, Firdar, Ashtakavarga, Almutens

Lunar Node & Dark Moon (Lilith)

True or Mean position


Planets on midpoints and transiting midpoints on natal planets

Lot of Fortune & Lot of Spirit

Main Asteroids

Fixed Stars

Calendar with Date/Time Bookmarks

Aspects Scan

  • Transits, Progressions, Directions
  • Including ingresses and conjunctions at the cusps of the houses NEW

Transiting Midpoints Scan EXPERT

Dynamic Aspectarium NEW

  • Natal and Event
  • Resonances
  • Parallels and Contraparallels

Dynamic Aspectarium with Interpretations NEW

Approximate Position Search with Planet Drag & Drop

Precise Position Search with Planet Drag & Drop EXPERT

In aspect with a natal planet or in transit

Date of Transit for Planet under the Cursor EXPERT

Chart Animation

Natal, Transits, Progressions

Export Chart Animation to CSV EXPERT

With interpretations and signatures

Tables & Diagrams

  • Planetary Angles
  • Midpoints
  • Midpoint Trees
  • Times of Conjunctions (Planets/Angles)
  • Positions of the Planets in the Reference Planes
  • Almutens
  • Triplicities, Quadruplicities and Polarities
  • Speeds and Distances of Planets
  • Fixed Stars
  • Parallels and Contraparallels
  • Planetary Nodes
  • Fictional Planets of Uranian Astrology (Hamburg School) NEW

Transits Graphs

In declination and longitude

Printable Reports

Printable Ephemeris

Copy Charts & Aspects Grid to Clipboard

Date Conversion

Julian <=> Gregorian

History of Last Open Charts

Save Event Charts EXPERT

Advanced Chart Management EXPERT

With categories, filters, and sort options

Database with 1300+ Public Figures EXPERT

90° Dial (Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology) EXPERT

Lunations NEW EXPERT

Search for Lunar Phases EXPERT

Search for Direct Motion or Retrograde EXPERT

Relocation EXPERT

  • Variation in latitude and longitude
  • Interaction with Google Maps

Interpretation Tooltips

Basic keywords for planets, signs, and houses

Keywords for Natal Interpretation EXPERT

  • Planets in sign and in aspect
  • Midpoints

Keywords for Event Interpretation EXPERT

  • Planets in aspect
  • Midpoints

Synthesis of Interpretation Keywords (Natal, Event and Synastry) EXPERT

  • Quick analysis (1-level tree)
  • Full analysis (2-level tree sorted by probabilistic score and by analogy)

Forecast Curves EXPERT

  • Forecast of various types of events over a given period of time with graphs that make it easy to spot significant dates at a glance
  • Maximums table NEW
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