The moment has finally arrived.

It was 7 minutes past midnight on this last day of March when we launched the latest version of our astrology software, Mastro 7.0, available in two editions: Standard (still free) and Expert. Thank you for your patience and thanks to all of you who have collaborated with us.

In addition to being the most stable version to date, Mastro 7 contains a host of new features and improvements.

We are particularly pleased to introduce our new Dynamic Aspectarium. As you may know, an aspectarium is a grid that displays all aspects of a chart. For the first time in astrology software, you can click on any aspect in this grid to have it drawn in the chart and interpreted. This allows, for example, to construct the drawing and interpretative synthesis of a Grand Trine by clicking in the Dynamic Aspectarium on the three aspects that compose it. This feature is available even in Mastro Standard (without the interpretations).

Other new features include a table of maximums for the Forecast Curves, a one-click Solar Return button, improved aspect scanning (with ingresses, conjunctions to house cusps, etc.), tertiary progressions of types I and II, displaying houses in transits, quick setup without birth time, and much more.

Mastro Expert 7 is available for 240 Canadian dollars (about 190 USD or 160 Euros).

But wait! If you buy a license in the next 2 weeks, you get a 25% launch discount. This offer expires on April 14.

In addition, we have decided to officialize the fact that a Mastro Expert license is perpetual. In other words, if you buy Mastro Expert 7, you will get all Mastro Expert updates for free for life, even major updates, and even if the price of a license increases in the future.

Thanks to its excellent value for money, its accuracy, its ergonomics and its richness of features, Mastro Expert is currently one of the best astrology software on the market.

Click here to discover Mastro 7 now

If you want to improve your knowledge and use of the software, stay tuned as a new online course will be announced very soon.

In the meantime, we have prepared a video to quickly introduce you to the basic features of Mastro (Standard and Expert):

Click here to watch “Starting Mastro: the Natal Chart”

Thank you for your support over the years and we hope this new version of Mastro meets your expectations.

The Mastro Team