“The year 2016 has its gem : Mastro the "Master", which is aptly named. A gem of an astrology software. It is the continuity in the computer era of what the great German researchers have dreamed to create in the 30’s-40’s if they had had the tools. Mastro is the result of over thirty years of reflexion, of rigorous research, of strong questioning, of refusing ready-made formulas and the habit of doing interpretations "after the fact". Mastro has an intelligent programming, is user-friendly, and constantly updated based on user feedback. Will find food for thought, both the skeptic and the convinced or simply the adept in search of that knowledge that decrypts the quality of time. With Mastro, astrologers, apprentices, and experienced, will have at their disposal the result of an outstanding work, a precision tool, convenient and individualized.

Mastro would not be the “Master” without its many advantages that it displays like any gem. With Mastro, the genius of patient research, methodical, multidisciplinary is turned into art. Indeed, the keywords that carry meaning and energy, nourish and inspire Mastro by their choices and their classification based on a probabilistic weighting. Mastro then becomes the genius of the word that captures, gathers, combines, studies and interprets the rareness that creates the meaning and it produces signatures : we then have a sort of photograph of the person that we can now understand and observe to the point of seeing him in his evolution, eyes shut.

An old Rwandan proverb reminds "Ugize Imana aribyara". God’s blessed one, the lucky, procreates himself (gives birth to its continuity). In this sense, Ebertin and the rigorous astrologers will be completely satisfied. Congratulations to the tandem Vincent Godbout and François Rouleau for this vast and ingenious work.”