“My Aquarius side quickly realized that Mastro was one step ahead of other astrological programs. Sometimes I find myself in the midst of discussions in forums where everyone gives their opinion on a famous character, and Mastro quickly identifies the essence of their personality in a few keywords: it is laser astrology.

Earlier I was talking with Vincent Godbout on Facebook and I spontaneously offered him to write a testimonial on Mastro. Afterwards I opened the software wondering what had happened to me, why did I make this proposal at that moment? Looking at the transit of the Moon, the answer became obvious:

☽ 0 ° ♃ (4.53 event): generosity, helpfulness, benevolence, enthusiasm, friendship, social sense, help, sociability, recognition

I wanted to communicate my enthusiasm for this tool which I find far superior to all that I know and express my gratitude for Vincent who has had the patience of an angel ever since I started using Mastro, always ready to answer my questions.”