“That is amazing. You have taken astrology to a new level, a Vernon Clark test without astrologers. How odd is it that astrology, a consulting practice, is best proven by automating the process. Mastro demonstrates the success of astrology by performing superhuman feats. I think there are similar approaches being taken in medical diagnostics.

I was very impressed when you demonstrated your software for me. When I accidentally gave it the wrong date for an important event in my life the resulting keywords where so out of character that we were both disconsolate. Then when I checked and found I was off by a year, the result could hardly have been a better match. No good reading from a wrong chart, that time.

Mastro works with astrological concepts on a very large scale, which individual astrologers could never have done in the past, and is providing evidence of those concepts. Knowing how Vincent Godbout and François Rouleau developed Mastro, I would call this technology very close to being a type of Artificial Intelligence. Mastro is a great advancement and appears to hold great promise both for research and for individual practitioners.”